Oklahoma Music Review – Jared Pete Gile Singer

Payne County Line 

CD Opinion: Modern Day Mountain Man – Jared Pete Gile- 
Stan Moffat

Payne County Line    Jared “Pete” Gile has written all 15 songs on “Modern Day Mountain Man”, and quickly establishes himself as a singer/songwriter who is here to stay! It is not easy breaking into this business of original music, but it is easier if you understand you have to have some basic character traits to succeed. It takes determination, patience, talent, tenacity, sharing the feelings in your soul that others never share, and the ability to never ever get impatient! In this spirit, it is easy to see that Jared Pete Gile will succeed, for all the traits are his. The day I received the cd, I threw it in the ole cd player, expecting it to be kind of like most, but low and behold, it was completely different.. While the cd is with full band made up of super talented artist and musicians, the lyrics this ole Kansas boy wrote really stand out and make this one of the most enjoyable cd’s to listen to. In not too long a time, in the 15 songs on the cd, this writer has one’s mind working in overdrive to keep up. The “mind” pictures he paints with his well chosen lyrics are sometimes unbelievable, yet somehow, one realizes that we have all been in his pictures, one time or the other. This cd is solid from start to finish, with a hidden treasure in the middle… Jared is joined by Mike McClure of the Mike McClure Band, performing Till I Find Myself. In this one song, one comes to realize that this 15 song CD is somewhat like that ole pair of jeans you hate to throw out.. ‘cause they really fit and fit well! Gile paints various pictures from a young man finding himself, being a lover of the land, being inebriated, road trippin to Texas, watching love kill a fellow man, hurting hearts, to love finding it’s way back home.

The musicians accompanying Jared are some of the best in the business. Besides Mike McClure, Jared is joined by Rankin Peters, Jeremy Watkins, Rodney Pyeatt, Brad Rice, Howard Reed, Steve Palousek, and Amanda Brown. These folks are among the best of the best, and their talent really stands out, but, I am still amazed by Jared’s songwriting abilities! If you want to listen to solid well-written lyrics, performed by a good vocalist, who is accompanied by talented musicians, this is your cd! But beware, you will be in for quite a ride!!
Jared Pete Gile may be a Kansas singer/songwriter, yet his songs reflect images from all of America, and because of this, we will be hearing more of this young writer in the future!