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Kansas singer releases debut disc.

Jared “Pete” Gile wrote all 15 songs on “Modern Day Mountain Man” cd Courtland, KS, Aug. 19 – The greatest singers all had to get their start somewhere. One young artist hopes his road to musical success begins in Kansas and stretches to Nashville and beyond.

  It is not easy breaking into the music business.  It takes determination, patience and most importantly, talent. Kansas, home of wheat fields, the Jayhawks, the Wildcats, and a singer/songwriter looking for his break.  His name is Jared Gile.  Everyone calls him “Pete.”  The Kansas countryside is where he developed the country side of his music. “Yeah, it sure was.  I mean, I grew up working for farmers so I had a lot of long hours on tractors being able to think of songs and stuff to write about so yeah.  I think it is played a big part in my writing.  I would say it is a cross between country music and folk and maybe Americana,” said Gile. Gile may have grown up in small-town Kansas, but it was his meeting with a country music superstar hundreds of miles from here that really inspired him to get serious about his music. “Actually in 1999, I had the opportunity to meet Willie Nelson for the first time.  Since then, I have met him four or five times at different concerts and stuff.  Just a real nice guy,” said Gile. Willie Nelson has recorded more than 100 albums in his career.  Pete has just one, his first, called “Modern Day Mountain Man.”  He wrote all 15 songs on it, each with its own unique story.
“One I wrote when I had spent a summer in Colorado a few years ago and it is called “Watching Fireworks Alone,” said Gile. “I went to a country music show with a fireworks show afterwards and I went to it alone and as the fireworks were going off around me, I looked around and everybody was there with their loved ones, kissing you know, and I was sitting there alone and I thought how lonely a feeling it was to be there watching these fireworks by myself,” said Gile. Gile is a songwriter who sings, not a singer who just happens to write. “I would rather be known as the writer than the artist, but I will continue down this road of music any way I can,” said Gile. A road this young singer hopes stretches on, and on, and on. Pete said he is a little bit nervous about his new cd.  He is also very proud of it.