Concert Review: Jared “Pete” Gile, Cafe Gaston, Concordia KS, 3/31/07

Written by Patrick Cossel
Published April 02, 2007

Even with a last minute venue change, fans of local singer/songwriter Jared “Pete” Gile packed into the small Cafe Gaston in anticipation of hearing songs off his new album. Gile was originally scheduled to play at a different location but when the venue closed because of legal reasons, he was forced to find somewhere else.

Although not the smoke filled bar that he usually plays in, the crowd still packed in to the point where it was standing room only. Standing on a diminutive stage, Gile worked a few covers into the set list that was mostly comprised of original songs that told the story of the young singer’s life. Although his life is short, it is filled with an understanding and a depth that is far beyond his age. Ripping the audiences heart out with songs like “Running Low on Angels” and following it up by filling everyone with laughter with “Just How Drunk,” Gile told stories of heartache, death, drinking, and a young man’s woes of trying to get laid.

Working as a solo performer, Gile interacts with the audience through quirky little stories and funny anecdotes. There are stories for every song that he plays, and stories that show how each song is a part of him. His excellent display of flat and finger picking demonstrates his skills with his Takamine six string guitar. Jared Pete GileThe guitar show signs of being a partner to Giles for many years now, and more than likely many more to come. Children as young as four years old and adults as old as 90 tapped their feet or clapped their hands as the blue eyed singer held them captivated.

Gile ended his show by taking requests from the audience. Numerous songs were shouted out with Gile saying no to most of them. He finally settled on one request that showcased his musical knowledge — Hank Williams. Evidence of Giles’ influences can be heard throughout his music guys like, Haggard, Nelson, Jennings, and so on. He is showing that there is still hope for country music, despite being in the pre-fabricated Nashville world.

Gile will be touring throughout the Midwest region including, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Don’t miss your chance to go see him. He is celebrating the release of his new CD More of Me. It showcases his growing skills as a musician and a maturity in his voice that was not as present on his previous CD.

All of Giles music can be purchased through his website, or he can be reached via his MySpace page.

Patrick Cossel is a staff writer for the Beloit Call in Beloit Kansas. He is one of the voices of the Beloit High School basketball and wrestling team.